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The Birth of Spidey (the Musical)
The concept for this play came as a result of an assigned Grad. Rule project (the stupid politicians came up with this "genius" idea to make every student go through these different "packages" every grade and you have to have a required minimum in order to get your high school diploma). We had just finished the performances of our play production for Drama class the previous weekend and we were all worn out. The assignment was to write a play together in a group of three or four.
A word about Steve...Let me make sure to note that although Steve was part of our group, he did little. The only thing he did do was type up the costume requirements and once he completed this task, he chose to lounge around rather than assist the group. His excuse was that he had taken Drama the previous year and had passed this Grad. Rule standard and had no need to pass it again.
Back to my story...we began brainstorming and as we were throwing out ideas, "Spider Man the Musical" was born. We all agreed that it would be a fairly easy story to write. However we knew the challenge would be to write original lyrics (considering it was a musical). With the concept in mind, we worked for over a week on "Spider Man the Musical" and in the end, it exceded all of our expectations. Klarissa and Sarah also did what has become known as "Spidey Art" on Microsoft Paint. These were printed off, photocopied, and included with each of our copies of the script and chorus book.
So now that you know a little about how this came about, feel free to read on and see the masterpiece we created. If you feel inspired to express your "spidey senses" feel free to create some "Spidey Art" of your own and I'll be happy to post it on this site for all to see. If you would like to do so, click here to e-mail your "Spidey Art" to me. Get creative!
Krystal H, "web"master
(he, he)
P.S. In case you were wondering, we all got the highest score possible (4 out of 4) on the Grad. Rule project because we wrote original songs and created a unique musical.

Cast List
Peter Parker - Complete nerd turned superhero
Mary Jane - Peter's obsession
Uncle Ben - Peter's uncle
Aunt May - Peter's aunt
The Fly - Spider Man's nemisis
The Larva - The Fly's sidekick

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